Underarms Special $179 Laser Hair Removal

Underarms Special $179 Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving your Underarms? Underams SpecialGet ready for RAZOR freedom with Laser Hair Removal! This is the best Underarms special in the Dallas Metroplex! You get 6 Underarm Laser Hair Removal treatments for just $179! That”s a 75% off our normal price! I want to hear from you ladies call me at 972-468-9779

Clients are having fantastic results with this treatment. The first treatment is the first treatment, hair comes back pretty normal. The second treatment is really amazing, weeks go by with no hair regrowth, and then some hair comes back. After third treatment women are just amazed, no hair regrowth or so it seems! Yes you have to keep coming back for the six treatments! Just because you get fantastic results after three treatments you have to continue! All 6 treatments and you will have hair free pits! Its simply amazing and women are razor free for life! Laser Hair Removal is so liberating, I wish more women could experience it.

Nov/Dec Underarms Special $179

See you soon!


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