April Showers Bring May Flowers

Shanon Farrell

I just love these old sayings, don’t you? Brings back memories of my youth and all the carefree days, days when I didn’t give a single thought as to whether or not I needed to shave.

Let’s face it, sunny days mean more skin showing and more concern and time spent in the “Showers”. Fortunately, thanks to Lasers, it’s no longer necessary to spend time worrying over stubble and those little ingrown hairs or better described as “weeds” in your “Flowers”!

Let’s talk about Lasers VS. Waxing. Think of laser hair removal like using Round-up in your garden VS. Pulling the weeds out, only to see them come back stronger the next day! Laser today what you would otherwise have to wax tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next day, etc…

Waxing hurts for a significant length of time after it has been done but it also leaves your skin a lovely shade of red and irritated which lasts for days after, oh and don’t forget the ingrown hairs it can cause!

Most women and yes, men too, have a wax horror story of their own or know someone who has one that they have shared in great detail with us! OUCH!

Beautiful woman Laser Hair Removal

I have waxed my underarms twice in my life.

Yes, I really said that!

Once, because I wanted smooth hair/stubble-free underarms so I would look like the models in magazines, you know the ones with hairless underarms.

I had a party to go to and I bought a hot little strapless dress so I was hoping to have hair-free underarms, but all I got was very red and sore underarms that still had hair that the wax could not grab!

The nice lady said it would be easier the next time … she lied!!

Waxing also needs to be repeated once a month for the rest of your hairy life. Laser Hair Removal generally takes about 6 treatments spaced about 6 weeks apart to get rid of the hair forever!

It really is a smarter way to deal with unwanted hair growth.

April Showers … let’s deal with the “Weeds” together so you can enjoy the sunny Hair-Free days ahead!

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