Facial Laser Hair Removal

No More Painful Waxing or Plucking! North Texas men and women stop!!

Facial Laser Hair Removal for unwanted facial hair is a popular choice for both men and women. Unwanted facial hair can be embarrassing and difficult to maintain.

Many men and women are embarrassed because they are coping with unsightly facial hair rather than the clear smooth skin they desire. They take painstaking measures to constantly conceal facial hair.

They tweeze, shave, bleach or wax on a regular basis, only to cause the hair to grow stronger and darker than before. Additionally, there is a great deal of skin irritation, and often permanent damage being caused by these repetitive methods. These methods remove the short-term problem but the hair will always come back.

What It's Like to Get Laser Hair Removal on Your Face, From Someone Who's Done It

When I first began laser hair removal sessions on my sideburns, I had no clue what I was in for. All I could think about was that, in the foreseeable future, I wouldn’t ever have to sit through painful threading appointments for my sideburns again—and that was a goddamn miracle, as far as I was concerned........

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For Women

There are many causes of excessive facial hair with the main factor being hirsutism.

This is a harmless condition that affects many women and sometimes men. It is the rising of androgens (Male Hormones) that causes a male pattern of body hair, sometimes excessive. This happens in locations where women normally do not develop hair including the chin, sides of the face, lips, and between the eyebrows.

Rarely a woman with hirsutism will have normal levels of male hormones, and the specific cause of the unwanted hair growth cannot be identified.

Another common cause of excessive hair growth among women is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which affects 5%-10% of women.

Many of our patients at the Athens Laser Hair Removal have been diagnosed with PCOS and choose to get facial laser hair removal as it can offer long-term hair removal results and produce a smooth silky feeling.

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For Men

Guys are always going to grow facial hair, that is the bottom line! But are you tired of taking the time to shave every morning and are you sick of the hair growing on your cheeks, outer ears, back of the neck or between your eyebrows?

Are you over scraping a razor across your face and getting nicks, cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs?

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Why Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair tends to grow back thicker and darker once it’s been shaved. Laser hair removal treatments will prevent this from happening. You will no longer need to pluck or wax away any unwanted hair!

At Athens, we operate the Cynosure Apogee Elite, the most trusted name in the industry. The 755 nm alexandrite and the ND:YAG 1064 nm Laser, recognized as the premier hair removal laser, treats quickly, comfortably and effectively. The Cynosure Apogee Elite features the Smart Cool system, a double cooling technique, to maximize your comfort during your treatment session.

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