Stubble free legs is just one call away!

Legs laser hair removal treatment

Every woman’s dream is to never shave her legs again. Why keep shaving, waxing or bothering with messy hair removal creams, when stubble free, silky soft legs are just a phone call away? Many women shave their legs everyday; therefore, it’s a logical choice to have their legs treated with laser hair removal.

Aside from a savings in time, the benefits of laser hair removal include a completely smooth and softer feel — the regrowth is softer and more fine, and, in addition to the elimination of stubble, there are no more nicks and cuts around areas like knees, shins and ankles and no more missed spots.

This treatment can leave your legs completely smooth everywhere and free’s you from having to carry a razor!

Both the upper legs and the lower legs (which includes the knees) can be treated. Generally the feet and toes are treated separately, but both are common treatment areas as well.

After only two treatments you will be amazed at how smooth your legs are and some women have saids they can go a week in-between shaving. 6 to 8 treatments and you will never have to shave you legs in the shower again.


We have had very successful results with 6 Laser Hair Removal treatments on average. We utilize the best Laser in the industry and never use IPL’s. Purchase your treatment below or contact us to arrange a FREE consultation. We will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Prices listed are Per Treatment


Full Legs
~ $400.00 ~

Lower Legs

~ $250.00 ~

Full legs laser hair removal treatment Lower legs laser hair removal treatment

Upper Legs

~ $250 ~

Hands or Feet
~ $100.00 ~

Upper legs laser hair removal treatment Hands or Feet laser hair removal treatment

Prices listed are Per Treatment