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As we embrace the years, our skin evolves too. Don't fret! Say goodbye to futile creams and embrace SkinTyte—a transformative, nonsurgical solution. Revitalize your face, neck, and body today!

Our technicians at Athens are highly trained and certified in the use of BBL therapy and skin treatments. We want you to look like your beautiful, natural, vibrant self with healthy, younger-looking skin. Schedule your consultation today and get ready to watch the years disappear from your face.

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What is the latest in laser skin tightening treatments?he most effective laser skin tightening treatment is SkinTyte by Sciton, which uses broadband light (BBL) to penetrate the skin with infrared light energy. This heats the soft tissue below the surface and encourages the natural production of your own collagen. The tissue then rebuilds, firming skin and smoothing out wrinkles.

How does laser skin tightening work?Sciton’s SkinTyte BBL skin tightening laser uses infrared light energy to heat soft tissue below the skin’s surface which stimulates collagen production. You’ll see natural skin tightening and skin firming as the body begins an active effort to heal what it perceives as damage at the treatment site. Skin is plumped and smoothed as the tissue structures rebuild below the surface.

Is BBL safe?This dual-bulb technology divides light energy between two lamps, so the light emissions are less intense, safer and more effective than traditional laser skin tightening systems. SkinTyte BBL is completely adjustable and can be customized for each person’s skin, the placement of wrinkles, depth of wrinkles and the desired results. The light pulses can be controlled for both accuracy and temperature for optimized results without damage to the surrounding areas of skin. The same type of laser is a trusted treatment for surface imperfections and uneven skin tone.

My forehead is smooth, but my jawline is sagging. Can SkinTyte help?Yes! SkinTyte can help women and men with sagging skin at the jawline, jowls and neck. SkinTyte can also tighten sagging skin on other areas of the body, including:

Backs of hands
Upper arms
Above the knees

Is SkinTyte going to give me that tight, frozen, plastic-surgery face?No. No, no, no. One of the best things about SkinTyte is that it smoothens the skin by naturally building up the tissues beneath the surface. As the tissue structures rebuild, your face will gradually grow smoother. It will look like you really are turning back the clock.

What is the recovery time?With no after-effects and zero recovery time, people will know you look younger, but they won’t know how.

How long will the effects of BBL skin-tightening treatment last?The lasting effects of SkinTyte laser skin tightening depend on many factors. After the collagen rebuilds, it will begin aging at a normal rate.

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