Why the Fall and Winter are ideal times for laser hair removal treatments

Autumn Scene

Shanon Farrell


Go ahead, raise your hand…oh wait…did you shave those pits? Ok put your arms and hands down.

Let’s get serious now.

Many think of laser hair removal as just another beauty treatment when, in fact, it is much more than that. Many people experience pain with shaving and suffer from excessive dry skin causing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Laser treatments can help with these issues. I spoke with a client who expressed that she wore pants all summer because it is just too painful to shave her legs. This is not only sad but unnecessary.

Many men suffer from razor burn when shaving their neck and women experience ingrown hairs on their bikini area. So while laser treatments may seem like another beauty treatment they really are a remedy for all the pain and suffering we are subject to when we shave or heaven forbid we wax!

The Underarms’ is a great place to start, it is a small area and not exposed to the UV rays at any time of the year. For Men, the front or back of your neck is another great place to begin as it is also a small area, but be sure you do this in the fall or winter months to be safe from the sun’s rays. I invite you to Athens Laser Hair Removal and begin a life without razors or hot wax.

Wishing you all a blessed and colorful autumn!

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