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Get ready for Summer Now!

Right now is the perfect time to start Laser Hair Removal treatments just in time for Summer!

2018 IS YOUR YEAR! Check out our amazing specials.

One time medical director’s fee of $85 due at first treatment.

The specials below are 6 Treatment packages and are spaced from 6-8 Weeks apart for optimal results. Gift certificates available!

Upper Lip ~ $99

Upper Lip

Our face specials are fabulous, 6 treatment package for $99. You will see amazing results!

Our lip treatments are fast and virtually painless and results are seen after each treatment.

This treatment is a great way to check out Laser Hair Removal and see if its right for you. You will not be disappointed!

Upper Lip Package Special     $99


Bikini-Line Package ~ $399

Specials BikiniOur specials are fabulous, 6 treatment package for $399. You will see amazing results!

The removal of unwanted hair in the bikini line is performed by women for grooming and hygienic purposes. Waxing and shaving are methods that women use to care and maintain for the pubic region. However, these hair removal treatments present irritating problems and uncomfortable side effects. In this day and age, laser hair removal is the safest and most effective means of removing hair in and around the bikini region.

Hairs that grow in the pubic region or bikini line are coarse and curly, thus making it hard for women to shave them off. The development of ingrown hair is a common problem.  To avoid comfort problems, itching, and irritation, partial or complete hair removal in the pubic region is a must.

Bikini line laser hair removal is the perfect solution among women who are on the lookout for a more permanent solution to embarrassing bumps from shaving or stray bikini hairs. Removing hair along the bikini line features a lot of advantages to women.

Bikini-Line Package Special     $399


Legs Package ~ 50% OFF

Specials LegsNow take care of you! Your legs are beautiful and silky smooth when they are hairless. Imagine this summer never having to shave them and experience that pain again. Laser Hair Removal for your legs is safe, effective, and with this special deal, its very inexpensive. The best time to start your treatments is this time of year when you are covered up and the weather is cold. By the time summer comes back you will have had all your treatments and will be hair free and razor free.  At Athens our LEGS PACKAGES are affordable! Right now get either your upper or lower legs with 6 Treatments for $850.00. or Upper & Lower for $1700.00.

Your Choice Upper or Lower   $850
Full Legs                                    $1700



Brazilian Package ~ $699

brazilian_specialsBrazilian hair removal has been on the rise because it offers complete freedom from embarrassing pubic hair surrounding the private areas. Some women prefer going completely bare while others may choose to maintain a small strip of hair. Whether it’s for sporting the trendiest fashions in swimwear or lingerie, or just wanting to feel cleaner, the Brazilian hair removal method is the preferred method for achieving a sexy look. Now is the time to get your Brazilian Laser treatments started. By summer you will be slipping into the tiniest bikini possible and feeling confident! Right now get 6 Treatments for $699.00. Call today!  Gift certificates available!

Brazilian Package Special         $699



Underarms Package ~ $179 Special Deal!

underarms_6 Treatment Package spaced out over 6 weeks for optimal results. ​Underarm laser hair removal allows for smooth, hair-free skin year around. Lasers offer permanent hair reduction after the specified number of treatments, so there’s no reason to worry about going sleeveless again. One distinct benefit specific to armpits is that laser technology can get rid of that “shadow” appearance common for those with darker underarm hair. Think about every time you shower having to take out your razor to shave your underarms. Then imagine being smooth and hair free. Now you are free to wear your favorite sleeveless styles. Since it’s such a small area, removal of underarm hair is one of the fastest procedures. Winter is the best time to get started! You will enjoy your experience and results! Gift certificates available!

Makes a great Gift! We will send you your Gift Certificate, or that special someone theirs, now take care of you!

Underarms Package Special     $179