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When thinking McKinney Laser Hair Removal, think Athens! We offer exceptional services for our McKinney clients because the cities are so close together. Separated by Highway 121, Athens is located in the Village at Allen off of Stacy Road and Hwy 75.

We have so many clients that come to Athens Laser Hair Removal from McKinney because our Lasers and the results they get. Our lasers are the best and our prices are upfront. We don’t play games or use high pressure selling techniques. We publish our prices and are very competitive but can’t complete with Groupon.

We make sure we don’t over book our clients and make sure you know what you’re getting and there are no time limitations. For 6 treatments the duration of time is up to 8 months so we must ensure you get your treatments at the right time intervals and you don’t miss your hair growth cycle.


Laser Hair Removal McKiney TX

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McKinney Texas I absolutely love McKinney, established in 1848, McKinney is one of northern Texas’ oldest towns. Stroll around downtown, and you’ll see cotton mills and feed stores transformed into hip boutiques and art galleries. They have the best food and restaurants from Rick Chop House to the Cadillac Bar.

McKinney’s location on the fringes of the Dallas area means commuters have a longer drive downtown, but also easy access to rolling green hills, golf courses, and leafy open spaces lacking in neighboring towns.

In the September 2012 CNN’s Money magazine’s issue, McKinney was ranked 2nd place among Best Places to Live in the United States.

Mckinney in the springtime

Laser hair removal is indeed an effective procedure; the most effective period to have laser hair removal performed is during the colder seasons. This is largely due to the fact that you are more likely to stay out of the sun thus ensuring you don’t get a tan and can comfortably do each laser hair removal session without any draw backs!

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